10 Weird Food That You Should Eat

When we were younger, our parents push us to eat fruits, vegetables, and other healthy food. And we don’t usually eat the food that we are not familiar with. But now that we are older, I think it is time to at least try to eat healthy even if it looks weird. There are food that looks bizarre and unappetizing but are really healthy. We listed ten of bizarre food that are good for you and you should eat because of the nutrients that it can bring to your body.


Once in a while, forget your usual PB&J and switch to this yeast-based spread that is healthy for you. Marmite is good for your body because it contains Vitamin B-12, good for older people that lacks Vitamin B-12. It is also contains Folic Acid that pregnant women  needs or for those people who have deficiency in Folic Acid.