Best Glastonbury Festival Headliners of All Time

It’s no secret that Glastonbury festival has played host to some of the most legendary performances the music world has ever seen. There really is no other crowning glory in a musician’s career like headlining the world-renowned ‘Pyramid Stage’ and here are just a few of the most noteworthy acts that we think deserve a special mention…

1. David Bowie, 1971 and 2000

It’s hard to imagine a time when it was free to attend Glastonbury festival, let alone be treated to a headline performance from none other than David Bowie. But we are honestly not joking about this and his flamboyant performance – along with a second in 2000 (albeit a bit more expensive to watch) – was one of the most unforgettable in Glastonbury history.

Best Glastonbury Festival Headliners

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