Top 10 Types of Food from Around the World

What better subject in the world is there to debate about than food? We all need it. We all love it. That is just a fact. But, with so much amazing choices originating from different countries across the globe, have you ever stopped to think about which type is your favourite? If not, you needn’t look any further as we’ve done the hard work for you so lie back, enjoy and try not to salivate too much as we take a look at the world’s best providers of delicious cuisine.

1. Italian

It’s impossible not to love a country who seem so healthy and carefree, yet have also invented some of the most sumptuous carbohydrate delicacies on the planet. I’m talking pizza, I’m talking pasta, and that is only just for starters (not even going in to their endless variety of wine, antipasti and desserts). The world has a great deal to thank Italy for and we must never forget it.

best food in the world

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